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Law Enforcement Agency Towing

Aslan Towing provides towing, impounding, and storage services to the Sheriff, and Highway Patrol departments.

Aslan Towing has the service capacity of towing cars, trucks, buses, motor homes, tractor-trailers, motorcycles, etc... The company also conducts lien sales and auctions when owners fail to claim their vehicles
within a period prescribed by law.

Insurance Salvage Towing

Aslan Towing provides to all insurance companies and salvage auctions towing and transport services for damaged or destroyed vehicles, and vehicles otherwise subject to an insurance claim. Aslan Towing has the service capability of towing, transporting and recovering any insured asset on wheels.

Private Impound Towing

When unauthorized people park on your private Aslan Towing and we'll tow, impound, and store their vehicles at no cost to you!.

Vehicle owners are responsible for fees associated with this service. You can expect fair and equitable handling of parking violators without price gouging or unethical treatment. We staff safe, uniformed and courteous drivers.

These services are generally provided to private customers such as shopping centers, retailers, hotels, and apartment complexes. Aslan Towing has the service capability of impounding anything from cars to tractor-trailers.

Commercial Towing

We provide 24 hour towing service for any type of vehicle. Whether you drive a car, truck, motorcycle, motor home, or bus we have the equipment and experience to tow your vehicle quickly and safely.

Aslan Truck # 1

Towing a Loader for Johnson Cat

Aslan Truck # 5

Towing for a Commercial Account

Aslan Truck # 6

Towing for a Commercial Account

Aslan Truck # 2


Aslan Truck # 11

Towing for a Commercial Account

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